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This  page provides more details and companion resources for Make it Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership by Daniel B. McLaughlin and published by Health Administration Press.

The book may be obtained from either Health Administration Press or

Additional Detailed Information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction: the Need for Effective Execution in Healthcare (complete chapter)


Companion Resources for each Chapter

Chapter 2   Developing Strategic Focus

Will It Work Here? A Decisionmaker’s Guide to Adopting Innovations from AHRQ
The Guide helps users determine if an innovation would be a good fit—or an appropriate stretch—for their health care organization by asking a series of questions. It links users to actionable Web-based tools and presents case studies that illustrate how other organizations have addressed these questions. Users will be able to answer the four overarching questions the Guide poses: Does this innovation fit? – Should we do it here? – Can we do it here? – How can we do it here?

Accountable Care Organizations are partially based on the Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration:

Medical Homes have a new demonstration underway:

Bundled payments are being tested by the Acute Care Episode (ACE)demonstrations project:

The IHI “Hospital to Home” strategy is also designed to prevent unnecessary readmissions  and optimize financial performance under bundled payments:

Chapter 3   Internal and External Assessment using Business Intelligence

No additional resources currently available

Chapter 5   The Balanced Scorecard

These short videos and downloads are provided so that the reader can install a relatively simple but highly functional Balanced Scorecard.  It is  recommended the following steps be taken in order:

1.  Balanced Scorecard Introduction – Web Video

2.  Download the sample Health Care Balanced Scorecard to your desktop by clicking here.  (Right click your mouse and save to your desktop – then open.) Next open the file with PowerPoint the view the next video. 

3.  Drawing Strategy Maps – Web Video

4.  Download the Health Care Balanced Scorecard to your desktop by clicking here. (Right click your mouse and save to your desktop – then open.)  Next open file using Excel and then view the next video.   

5.  Using the Balanced Scorecard Excel Template – Web Video

6   Modifying the Balanced Scorecard Excel Template for your use – Web Video

7.  Integrating the Strategy Map with the Balanced Scorecard – Web Video

Chapter 6   Project Management

The templates below are helpful for those interested in using the formal Project Management approach to plan and successfully execute projects. (Right click your mouse and save to your desktop – then open.)

Project Charter

RASIC Diagram

The link below provides a series of web videos on the use of Microsoft Project software.

A short video on linking tasks –

A longer Microsoft Video on many of the features of Project -

A detailed written tutorial on the many features of Project –

Other downloads will be available here including project charter templates for Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and IHI.

 Additional Chapter 6 Resources:

 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Institute for Healthcare Improvement improvement map:

IHI Project management:
Large scale spread:

National Quality Forum

United States Preventive services Task Force


Chapter 8   Embedding the Change

Video  – Using SAS to implement Business rules  (coming soon)

Chapter 10   Culture and Employee Engagement

An employee engagement survey form is available here.  It is 11 questions long and is based on the text.  It can be modified to meet an organization’s specific needs.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has developed a number of culture surveys related to patient safety and they can be found here.

Chapter 11   Leadership

The author and colleagues have placed a self assessment leadership survey online. This survey has been assembled to assist you in assessing your leadership knowledge and skills. It is based on the Healthcare Leadership Alliance Competencies Assessment with revisions from both the American College of Healthcare Executives and the University of St. Thomas.This survey has two purposes. The survey is a self-assessment. By completing it, you will be able to determine areas of both management and leadership that you might wish to improve through reading, education or, in some cases, mentoring.A secondary goal of this survey is to assist University of St. Thomas researchers in analyzing the relationship of leadership skills and knowledge to organizational performance. All data in this survey will be kept confidential. You will be asked at the end of the survey if you give permission to allow your data to be used for research purposes.The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You are able to exit and return to the survey if you need to complete it at a later time.The survey consists of four sections: Demographic Information, Skills and Knowledge Assessment, General Performance Assessment, Specific Performance Assessment.

Click here to begin the survey.



Any academic author relies on their colleagues and professional relationships to provide information, support and encouragement.  Some printed editions of the book are missing this section.   Click here for a list of these wonderful people.


Additional Resources

Patient Centered Healthcare Home

Accountable Care Organizations

Chronic Disease Management and Primary Care

Acquiring the Book

Make it Happen:  Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership can be obtained from:

Health Administration Press

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