Responding to Healthcare Reform

This page provides resources and links for Responding to Reform:  A Strategy Guide for Healthcare Leaders.

This book is available from  or Health Administration Press

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The resources are grouped below according to the table of contents.  These pages are updated periodically  by the author and his team at the University of St. Thomas Center for Health and Medical Affairs


Additional references & the original annotated references


Introduction  – The Theories of the ACA


Chapter 1  – Chronic Disease Management and Primary Care

Chapter 2 – Productivity and Quality

Chapter 3 – Prevention and Wellness

Chapter 4 – Systems View Scenarios

Funds Flow and Incentives

Chapter 5 – Payment Incentives

Chapter 6 – The Safety Net

Chapter 7 – Funds Flow Scenarios


Chapter 8 – The Perfect Market – Health Insurance Reform

Chapter 9 – Market Scenarios

The Future and the Role for Health Professionals in Policy

Chapter 10 – The Future


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