Healthcare Reform

Responding to Reform: A Strategy Guide for Healthcare Leaders will be available in Spring 2011.  To reserve an advance copy click here and you will notified when it is available.  However, companion resources are now available here.

All laws are modified by future legislatures, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will not be an exception. Healthcare organizations must be prepared to respond as the law evolves.         

Responding to Healthcare Reform clarifies the complexities of the ACA by explaining the underlying theories that shaped it, describing the act’s impact on the role of the healthcare organization, and offering direction for strategy formulation. Written for healthcare executives, it focuses on the sections of the bill that are most pertinent to provider operations.         

Because the ACA creates an uncertain environment, this book is stocked with a variety of tools to help healthcare executives predict change and recalibrate strategies.         

You will benefit from:          

  • Practical analysis of key aspects of the bill and how they will impact providers
  • Descriptions of 20 possible scenarios that can be used to test the viability of strategies under various conditions
  • Access to a continuously updated companion website that includes sources for strategy implementation

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