Patient Centered Healthcare Home

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Health Care Home Operational Definition – Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
This synthesis of contributions from 17 national implementers provides a 2010 consensus operational definition of health care home. It is offered as a joint product of the University of Minnesota and ICSI.

Partial Abstract: Hopes are high that the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) or Health Care Home will improve quality and patient experience while significantly bending the cost curve (when implemented on a meaningful scale). But the field has no agreed-upon operational or functional definition to guide widespread implementation and performance measurement, even with the important NCQA criteria in place. This is undermining understanding among implementers of exactly what has to be implemented and is likely undermining the concept of PCMH itself.

A consensus operational definition for PCMH among a national group of 17 implementers was created that consists of 1) an “archetype” or paradigm case (nine highly annotated clauses that describe essential functionalities of PCMH) and 2) fourteen specified parameters (ways that one implementation might legitimately be different than another) based on level of program development or maturity.

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